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Lensme Caramel is the most elegant shade that blends light and dark brown with a golden tint to give you the most remarkable caramel colored eyes. A best-seller in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries, this colored lens is a clear winner!Why wear Lens me Caramel? True to its name, this lens is a stunning caramel shade that blends light and dark brown, with golden tones to give the most exquisite shade. It’s no wonder this color is a bestselling shade across the Lensme collection! If you are looking for a natural brown colored lens then look no further than Lens me Caramel. It comes with a delicate pattern around the limbal ring, giving you the most realistic looking brown eyes. These lenses can be worn daily up to six months and come with UV protection for a safe and enjoyable wearing experience. Lens me Caramel is truly a lovely shade of brown, ideal for anyone looking to complete their look with the brown eyes. Lens me are made in Korea with high-quality standards and light-weight materials that retain moisture so you can enjoy wearing them the entire day! Growing in popularity day by day, these lenses are highly sought after across Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE and are growing in popularity across the world. Customers in Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Al Ain can’t get enough of the pure and radiant appearance of Lensme Caramel! Which other colors from the Lensme collection should I consider? Lensme lenses come in 12 stunning shades including Sugar Gray, Sky Blue, Gray, Honey, Caffe, Brown, Mist, Olivine, Lime, Cloud, and Snowy. Each color is distinct and equally charming and will transform your look.

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