Details ONYX Dream Gray BLUE
Image ONYX Dream Gray BLUE
Details The Core contact lenses come with a wide range of colors harmonizes with the modern life of women.It gives confidence and attraction to social life and independence in the work environment.Comes with a wide range of natural colors diameter 14.20 and curve 8.60 and licensed by the American Drug Authority and conform to European specifications Pure Gray tones with a light contrast ring for a natural Gray look Why Anesthesia? 1. Anesthesia Arc Edge Design Get a completely natural or an amazingly mysterious look with no concerns! Our perfectly Arc-ed edge design will seamlessly fit your eyes. You can wear our lenses for hours without experiencing any dryness thanks to the Arc Edge technology which doesn't block your eyes' microcirculation and allow a natural tear flow in the eyes. Anesthesia won't tire your eyes so you can look gorgeous and still enjoy your time. 2. Pigment Sandwich Technology Having your safety as our first concern, we apply the Sandwich Technology in all our lenses. The pigments layer is pressed in the middle of two transparent neutral lens layers to prevent any direct contact with your eyes. 3. FDA Approved 4. Heimagel Technology Our lenses are rich of Heimagel which prevents dryness of the eyes and makes it so comfortable to wear even in dry and hot weather.

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